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Joint Statement

The Kapuk Poglar Anti- Demolition Committee took the initiative to make this Joint Stance Statement and encourage all organizations to be incorporated and involved by way of listing the name of the Organization in the Joint statement.
Demolition of the people’s homes in rural or urban areas are done more and more intensively by the regime under Joko Widodo. In the name of development, and land management, river normalization, up to the creation of a so called Smart city, all of these reasons are used to evict the people’s homes. These conditions happen in a big cities, specifically the capital city of Jakarta. Jakarta has become a very unfriendly city for demolition the poor. Since 2016, according to a release by LBH Jakarta, there are 325 points that will be subject to demolition in Jakarta. One of those points include Kapuk Poglar, Kapuk region, Cengkareng, West Jakarta.
Since 2016 until now, the people of Kapuk Poglar RT07 RW04 is again threatened for demolition. These threats had been done since the years 1995, 1997, and 2002. Here the threat raises due to the Central Police Headquarters (Polda Metro Jaya), who wishes to build a two-tower police barracks with the legal basis of Land use Certificate above a land of 15.900 meters, which are currently inhabited by 166 family heads with 641 people in total.
In its history, the people of Kapuk Poglar had lived in the area since 1970. The people have built in an Area which had originally been an uninhabited swamp. Aside from that, the people had regularly paid taxes, obtained ID cards and Family cards from the local government. The local people lived in the area with the permit of a local landlord named Emah Sarijah, and Epen, which has legal rights to the land. Even after this, the police still intervenes and insists to forcefully evict the people. Through statements and banners that intimidates the people to get them to empty their homes by 8th of February 2018, the date will be the expected time the police will execute the eviction.
In this case, the police has stood over existing laws. Seeing the Law No.5 year 1960 about Agraria (UUPA), the land which in reality has been inhabited by the people for tens of years with good faith will be protected and will be given the rights to the said land. Even though the police claims the land with a certificate made in 1994, de facto the Police has never used the land. If so if Polda has a claim to the land then it shall be forfeited due to Article 27 of UUPA.
Not only that, in order to realize its programs the Police continues to conduct intimidations and terrorizes the people. More than once have the police come to the place with many personnel, marching on the location, marching with biker units, making formations, and of course carrying their Kalashnikov rifles. In this case not few of the elder experienced shock and became sick due to the fear. Other than this, the authorities have taken Handphones of the people who recorded their attempts. Even directly, they mocked the people of Kapuk poglar for staying there. This shows the true characteristic of the Police authorities who have sworn themselves to the Fascist regime.
The police does not have the authority to directly evict the land of the people. According to article 195 and 196 HIR, the authority of evicting is solely by the court. If direct executions of the eviction is done by Polda Metro Jaya, then it is an unjustified illegal act. Aside from this, the rights of the people over their lives and the land is a right that cannot be bargained or ignored for. This right is regulated in article 28H part 1 of the 1945 constitution. The acts of Polda metro jaya in this case by planning to execute and evict people themselves without considering the rights of the people over their land and on proper living is a human rights offense. This is also organized in the resolution of the Human Rights commission of the UN no.2004/28 about restrictions of forced evictions.
The case which happened in Kapuk Poglar is a reality that the regional and the central government and their institutions never does side with the common people. The people thus becomes the target of repression and exploitation. The people are not against development and progress, however what is done today is only for the interests of investments, large capitalists, and not to forward the interests of the people. The people has been seen many forms of evictions which does not at all orientate towards the interests of the people. Forced relocations to flats instead increases the suffering and poverty of the people. This is not counting the other social effects, including the loss of jobs, social environment, and the future of the children.
The majority of the people who live in the target of demolition are industrial proletarians, small scale workers and small merchants, with very few incomes. These living conditions and worsening economies make the people unable to live in houses nor apartments which the state continues to build.
The Political promises of the State governor of DKI Jakarta Anis-Sandi to provide cheap homes, stopping the reclamation, stopping demolition, are all slanders and lies. Anis-Sandi does no change from the leadership of DKI Jakarta under Ahok previously, who also orient himself towards the rule of the large capital. This means that the people shall no more put trust in their future towards the state nor anyone in the circle of leadership. Only by the power of the people’s unity shall all victories be achieved.
As according to the above conditions, thus the Anti-Demolition Committee (KTP) – Kapuk Poglar declares and demands:
1.      For Polda Metro Jaya to stop executing forced demolition in RT07 RW04, Kapuk Poglar. For them to stop all of their plans of demolished on all reasons and giving all the rights to the people for them to live in their homes.
2.      For Polda Metro Jaya to stop all forms of intimidation and terror which had been done by the police or other institutions to the people of Kapuk Poglar.
3.      For the governor of DKI Jakarta to give legal protection and social protection to the people of Kapuk Poglar RT07 RW04 from the plan of forced eviction by Polda Metro Jaya.
4.      The Governor of DKI Jakarta shall stop all forms of eviction, organizing, and reclamation schemes in the name of development which does not benefit the people of DKI Jakarta. Give all the basic rights, basic guarantees, and access to public facilities to the people of Kapuk Poglar and all the people of DKI Jakarta.
5.      To the President of the Republic of Indonesia to guarantee that there shall be no more forced demolition and land grabs of the people’s land. Conduct real Agrarian Reforms.
Other than this, we would also tell all the people of DKI Jakarta and the oppressed peoples of Indonesia to continue to build a strong unity and resist all forms of takings of their basic rights.
Our Respects,
11.    Forum Warga Kapuk Poglar
22.      Gabungan Serikat Buruh Indonesia (GSBI) Jakarta
33.      Aliansi Gerakan Reforma Agraria (AGRA)
44.      Keluarga Besar Buruh Migran Indonesia (KABAR BUMI)
55.      Liga Mahasiswa Nasional untuk Demokrasi (LMND)
66.      Front Nasional (FN) UNAS
77.      Gerakan Mahasiswa Nasional Indonesia (GMNI) Jakarta Selatan
88.      Aksi Kaum Muda Indonesia (AKMI)
99.      Pergerakan Mahasiswa Islam Indonesia (PMII) UNAS
110.  Front Mahasiswa Nasional (FMN)
111.  Serikat Pemuda Jakarta (SPJ)
112.  Serikat Perempuan Indonesia (SERUNI)
113.  Lembaga Bantuan Hukum Jakarta (LBH Jakarta)

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