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In Commemoration of the International Women's Day: Arouse Women who will Serve to Hold up The Sky of the New Democratic System of Indonesia!

National Statement of Serikat Perempuan Indonesia (SERUNI)

In order to

Commemorate of 114th International Women's Day


We commemorate the 114th International Women's Day March 8 in 2024 amid the general elections which has in various ways, taken away the right to elect and be elected which belongs to the women of the peasantry, the working class, the professionals, the low-level workers as well as millions of informal and precarious women workers in urban and rural areas. Indonesian women are again forced to become pillars holding up half the sky that still belongs to the semi-colonial and semi-feudal system that is currently threatened with imminent collapse under a chronic crisis that continues to worsen day by day. Women's voices are manipulated through election after election to support new policies, regulations and decisions that will always multiply the oppression and exploitation of women themselves. Prabowo Subianto, the so-called ‘provisional victor’ of the election based on the quick count of the Indonesian General Election Commission (KPU), was the main military element of Suharto's New Order Regime which lasted for 32 years. Not only that, he also took part in strengthening Joko Widodo's US puppet regime in his second term as Joko Widodo’s Minister of Defense for the semi-colonial and semi-feudal system! SERUNI resolutely opposes any and all undemocratic elections, especially so for women, and from now on prepares itself to face the US puppet regime that oppresses women which will soon be Joko Widodo’s successor.


We also commemorate the 114th International Women’s Day in the midst of an acute imperialist crisis marked by a brutal and deadly war of aggression by Israeli Zionists supported by the United States and NATO against the Palestinian nation and people. Tens of thousands of Palestinians were murdered by the Zionist regime, majority of them unarmed women and children. Hundreds of thousands of others became refugees without any guarantee of safety, without food and drink, health services, and safe and adequate housing. Tens of thousands of other Palestinian women are also held hostage within Israeli prisons, under constant threat of sexual violence. Lasting peace in Palestine can only occur if the Zionist occupation is finally defeated alongside the domination of United States imperialism, both can only be defeated through the unity of the oppressed and exploited people throughout the world.


SERUNI also condemns the deaths and violence against women and children during Russia's prolonged war on Ukraine due to the provocation and support of the United States and its NATO allies for its Ukrainian puppet regime. The people of Palestine, Russia and Ukraine as well as the people of various countries who are taking part in the war against the domination of imperialism not only need humanitarian assistance and won’t be satisfied with a false sense of peace, but they needed a genuine international solidarity and lasting peace which can only be won by an anti-imperialist liberation movement that is strengthened by the unity of oppressed and exploited peoples in the world.


Since the commemoration of International Women's Day on March 8th, 2023, the imperialist puppet government's active efforts to coopt the commemoration have intensified, and will include the 114th International Women’s Day commemoration. SERUNI as a women's organization that fights for the liberation of Indonesian women by resolving the fundamental problems of Indonesian women, emphasizes that no matter how weak the strength of the democratic women and its movement, calls on all oppressed and exploited people in Indonesia to fight together so that the International Women’s Day remains under the ownership of the people, and does not fall under the domination of the oppressing and exploiting class, both in Indonesia and throughout the world, who in every way tries to show itself as the fighter for women's liberation. They only commemorate International Women's Day on March 8th  in order to prevent the spread of national democratic ideas and struggles that will fundamentally change the multi-layered oppression and exploitation of women. The commemoration they held was for the liberation of women of the ruling reactionary classes themselves, not for women workers and peasants, professionals and other lowly workers in rural and urban areas. In fact, the commemoration they held was only to reaffirm the new limits of "women's liberation" which were and were not permitted by imperialism and the semi-colonial and semi-feudal system in Indonesia. In short, the International Women’s Day commemoration by the Indonesian Government through the Ministry of Women's and Children's Empowerment only serves to emphasize that the ideal of women's complete liberation from the male patriarchal system and various forms of discrimination due to religion and society is irrelevant and just a utopia!


Since Clara Zetkin, the founder of the German proletarian movement in 1910 proposed International Women's Day to be celebrated on March 8th at the Second International Conference of Socialist Women, until now the world has only inherited two experiences of fundamental liberation for women in the world, namely Russia after the victory of the Great October Revolution of 1917-1956 and China since 1949-1976. After that, imperialism and all variants of backward systems of power in semi-colonial countries returned the status of women back under the domination of the patriarchal system of men, under which women suffered various kinds of discrimination and violence along with all the domestic work that was considered inherent to them from birth.


In the most advanced capitalist industrial country, the United States, the fate of women is similar but not the entirely the same as the fate of women in backward agrarian countries such as Indonesia. Domestication, wage discrimination, and commercialization of women are intensive. Likewise, Western European countries merely ‘liberated’ women in their liberal systems as commodities and instruments for multiplying the birth of NEW VALUE from their commodities and finance capital.


Even though we have commemorated International Women’s Day for the 114th time, Mao Tse Tung's expression, the leader of China's proletarian women's liberation movement, "Women Hold Up Half the Sky", only applies very artificially in Indonesia. In Indonesia it is difficult to find those who do not praise, glorify women and claim to protect them with all their might. However, violence against women and children has reached another level of insanity throughout the year of 2023 in various forms that are difficult to accept. Sadistic murders after being raped and other forms of extreme sexual violence, physical torture of women and children without reason, rampant sales of women for prostitution and sexual commodification, various forms of overt commercialization of women to multiply profits from capitalist merchandise, supported by the fact that 24% of Indonesian women are used as spearheads of product sales.


The strong patriarchal system of male power, the semi-colonial and semi-feudal system, has given men special privileges, especially husbands, as legislators and judges, even making husbands, uncles, and older brothers as policemen and soldiers to scrutinize women. As a result, the patriarchal system of male power has succeeded in educating male children who claim to be the servant of their mothers while they still allow and even defend their fathers who openly domesticate their mothers, even using various forms of violence to enforce this domestication!


Women's lack of freedom in the economic aspect is the basis for women losing their political and cultural freedom. Only a handful of Indonesian women, those who are part of the ruling reactionary class, enjoy economic freedom and ultimately enjoy political and cultural freedom by oppressing and eliminating the freedom of millions of other women in rural and urban areas. The 2022 Central Statistics Agency figures show that only 0.78 percent of women are in leadership positions in various jobs.


The number of landless women and those don’t take part in agricultural work side by side with men in rural areas continues to increase. Both because of the crisis within the agricultural economic system based on exportable commodities such as palm oil and because of the chronic cultural crisis which is getting worse. Central Statistics Agency figures shows that only 15.88% of the 44 million plots of land are under the ownership of women and only 24% of women work in the agricultural and plantation sectors. In a class society like Indonesia, women in rural areas can only liberate themselves, even though they are limited, if they own land and take part in work side by side with men. Work that is based on the principle that women have the right to receive the same share of production results or wages for each job as men. In large numbers, women who do not own property in rural areas become commodities in cheap labor export schemes to various countries such as Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries, Malaysia, Australia, Korea and Taiwan. They are referred to as migrant workers.


The number of women who do not work in agricultural and industrial production is increasingly greater than the number of women who work. The types of work available to women are increasingly inferior and make it easier for women to become objects of various forms of physical and sexual violence. There are still very large numbers of women who are deprived of their basic rights to cheap and quality education and health, especially in remote areas, where national minorities and poor settler-farmers reside in Indonesia's forests.


The chronic crisis, oppression and exploitation of women cannot be ended by any normative means, including through the general elections. Over and over again, new policies, regulations and decisions were born after dozens of elections in Indonesia since 1955. All these policies, regulations and decisions has in fact deepened the crisis for women economically, politically and culturally.


In the face of such crisis, SERUNI remains steadfast in its stance that Indonesian women shall be free in line with the liberation of the Indonesian nation and people from the semi-colonial and semi-feudal system. The system of patriarchal male power can only disappear fundamentally if the domination of imperialism, feudalism and bureaucratic capitalism disappears from Indonesia. The entire national democratic struggle for liberation can only begin by winning the genuine LAND REFORM in the countryside as a way to pave the way for national industrialization, the genuine guarantor of women's liberation.


Indonesian women must be the pillars holding up half the sky for a new, freer, democratic and more advanced system that must be fought for in Indonesia and the entire world. She must no longer holds up half the sky of a semi-colonialism and semi-feudalism, a wretched system that will collapse and be absolved!



Happy 144th International Women’s Day,

Defeat imperialism, feudalism, and bureaucratic capitalism

Long live to Indonesian Women! 

The oppressed and exploited people of Indonesia, unite!!

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