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"Extinguish the Fire, Save the Haze Victims, End the Export of Backward Agriculture-Monopoly Production oriented, End the Monopoly of Land and Forest Control"

The haze disaster that caused by forest and agricultural land fires that was occurred in two large islands of Kalimantan and Sumatra, precisely in 12 provinces, is still ongoing and cannot be extinguished by the Indonesian government. Forest and agricultural land fires occur in forest areas, large timber plantation concessions, oil palm plantations, and on peatlands which is granted by the Indonesian government for a land using permit (HGU). Forests and land that are burned by large oil palm and timber plantation companies occurs every year in dry season.
Based on data that released by BNPB (National Board of Disaster Management) on September 14, 2019, during January-August 2019 the burned areas was 328,724 hectares. Twenty-seven percent (89,563 Ha) are peatlands with 6,255 hotspots spread across in seven provinces with details; Conservation Forest (28,854 Ha), Protection Forest (18,978 Ha), Limited Production (23,692 Ha), Production (61,140 Ha), Conservation Production (29,642 Ha) and APL (166,417 Ha). Eighty percent of the forest areas and land burned is in the company's concession area (Mongabay.Co.Id, 15 September 2019).
It is true that there were agricultural land fires too that occur on individual small farmers on 2-5 hectares of land. However, it is very small to compared with the extent of fires that occur in large plantation concessions and forest areas.
The Government efforts to overcome the haze is currently just trying to extinguish the fire (not on the cause of the fire), and arresting small farmers who burn land and been threatened them with a sentence of over 5 years in prison. The impact of it is that millions of small-scale peasants cannot cultivate their land for their agriculture, while farmers who try to survive by forcing themselves to burn their land have been arrested and are in the judicial process.
As of September 18, 230 people had been suspected because they were thought to have burned their land intentionally. While according to data from CNBC Indonesia on September 14, 2019 only four corporations were named as suspects, it is PT. ABP, PT. AEL and PT. SKN (a palm oil company in West Kalimantan), and PT. KS (Central Kalimantan) and in Riau to be a suspect is Riau Regional Police determined PT Sumber Sawit Sejahtera (SSS) (Detiknews, 9 August 2019). The Eyes On Forest investigation results from July to December 2018 found that several APP Group companies did not carry out restoration and even the company replanted Acacia wood at the burnt areas in 2015. Those company it was PT Satria Perkasa Agung, PT Sakato Pratama Makmur, PT Bukit Batu Hutani Alam, PT Rimba Rokan Perkasa.
The data from the Ministry of Health Crisis Center on September 16, 2019, patients with ARI in Riau Since January to September 2019, waere detected 281,626 peoples was infected with ARI in Riau on 1-15 September 2019 it reaching up to 15,346 peoples. In Jambi during July to August 15,047 peoples, Palembang from March to September reached 76,236 people, South Sumatra during August to the first week of September 32,815 peoples, in West Kalimantan on July amounted to 15,468 peoples, Palangkaraya from May to September 11,758 peoples, Banjar Baru Kalimantan South from June to August 10,360 peoples. While one baby died in Banyuasin, 1 adult in Riau. Based on the official release that issued by the Ministry of Health's crisis center that the diseases caused by exposure to smog are ISPA, Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Lung, heart and irritation, even based on research results found that the effects of long-term smoke can be causing cancer, however Until now the government has not paid seriously attention to the impact that caused by Smoke. Even the government through the ministry of health has not built a rehabilitation and treatment center for haze victims in long term even though the disaster has lasted almost 22 years.
In addition to health problems due to the haze disaster, the peoples, especially in several regions in Kalimantan, Sumatra must be faced with increasingly worrisome economic problems, due to the prohibition on opening land up for farmers and they can not being able to produce, as well as traders, motorcycle taxi drivers, and other workers they are can not carry out their economic activities, children were also cannot do any school activities and play because it is closed, even the latest developments of some airports cannot be operate because of the thick haze.
The main root of the haze problem is a semi-feudal agricultural system that still maintained by the reactionary state and large landlords as imperialist accomplices. The semi-feudal agricultural system is a monopoly backward agricultural system typical of non-industrial agrarian countries that are forced to grow the commodities by the imperialist.
The large landlords is just rely on vast land monopolies and the power of poor peasants and abundant farm laborers. While skilled labor, knowledge, technology-equipment and advanced agricultural machinery, and investment are very limited. However, they were forced to produce large quantities of export-oriented to imperialist industrial processing factories with a very cheap prices. Therefore, the tendency to increase production is to expanding land in a sustainable manner, employing the large numbers of poor farm laborers and farmers with very low wages (labor intensive), and minimize costs including burning agricultural land.
All the capitals that used to these large estates is the debt capital and imperialist investment through their large monopoly banks. They are the biggest connoisseurs of the sweat of poor farmers and farm laborers in rural areas that they share with their accomplices in Indonesia.
So to overcome the problem of the haze, the country must be able to fundamentally address the problem of underdeveloped agriculture in Indonesia. It must be able to provide sufficient knowledge and technology, provide agricultural inputs and investment that comes from domestic capital rather than foreign debt, and this can only be done by promoting the genuine agrarian reform.
Based on those situations and conditions, SERUNI (National Women’s Organization of Indonesian) called and demands for:
1.   Demand that the Jokowi government should be responsible for the haze problem by extinguishing fires and rescuing victims immedietly, providing free care to smog victims, and build the rehabilitation and handling smog victims center.
2.   Revoke the land permit (HGU) and stop the licensing of large estates and the new license of plantations which it is are the main causes of the haze problems.
3.   Arrest and prosecute the large plantation companies that burn land.
4.   Release the peasants who were arrested for burning small scale of land for agriculture.
5.   To Protect and advance the ability of peoples to reproduce as freely in rural areas so that they can produce effectively and efficiently without burning land.
6.   Implementing the genuine land reform and build the national industry.
To all the peoples who are living in the thick clouds of haze, suffering from several illnesses of themselves and their relatives, unable to work and even unable to do the necessities of life, we are not alone and may not feel alone. We must help one another, reaching out to those who need it most even when we were experiencing the same hardships. We must continue to fight, to push over so that the government can be deal with the haze immedietly and the hight costs cannot be incurred burden to the poor peoples.
To all Indonesian peoples at the islands and cities and also villages that are uncovering with the haze. Some of the same Indonesian people are oppressed and exploited. In Sumatra and Kalimantan, they are living in a very severe puff of haze. We must helping them to free from the haze in every possible way. Including urging demands to Indonesian government to stop this routine haze forever.
Also, we must help alleviate the ARI and various other diseases, gather medicines and food ingredients, as well as various useful equipment. If we are medical staff and / or understanding about the health issues and have time and energy to allowance, let's get together to help them directly in Sumatra and Kalimantan!
To all the people of various nations around the world, including neighbors countries who are also the victims of shipment fumes. The majority of Indonesian people are peasants. The majority of those who are living in Sumatra and Kalimantan where the smoke is taking place are also farmers. And these peasants are also the victims of land fires, not the culprit. We are both victims. The real culprits are the big landlords of imperialist compradors. They are the biggest land ruler, the biggest user of poor agricultural laborers and farm laborers, and by making Indonesia is the No. 1 exporter of various types of raw materials for agricultural food and industry such as CPO and rubber.
The haze will only disappear from Indonesia if the domination of monopoly international capital which provides debt and investment to landlords and finances Indonesia's political system can be stopped. Look, the World Bank is at stake by financing the transmigration and clearing the large forests in Sumatra and Kalimantan. And until now the World Bank finances various land, forest and agriculture projects in Indonesia. We cannot free ourselves without any help from the peoples and nations around the world. Real international solidarity is needed.
To solidify the victims of the haze, SERUNI opened donations for victims of the haze, especially for children, pregnant women and the elderly. We need:
           N-95 mask
           Evacuation House Needs (Air Con, Air Purifier, Milk and Baby Diapers, foods)
The donations can be distributed to the central post in cooperation with Indonesia Bangkit, having at the address:
Jalan Mutiara Raya no. 1, kelurahan Jati, kecamatan Pulogadung, Jakarta Timur – 13420.

Or Bank Transfer to:
Account Name            : Serikat Perempuan Indonesia
Bank Name                 : CIMB NIAGA
Swift Code                  : BNIAIDJA
Address of the bank   : Arion Mall Ruang G15, Jalan Pemuda Kav 3-4, Jati, Pulogadung, Jakarta Timur 13220
Account Number        : 705378752400
Currency                     : IDR

Spoke person:
Helda (+6281328364574)
Tika (+6281332259371)
Contact person for donations:
Citra : (+6282237884288)
Widi : (+621316836857)


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