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Govt urged to cancel plan to fill Jatigede Dam

The advocacy team of the Alliance of Jatigede People has urged the government to delay filling Jatigede Dam as complaints by 12,119 local people to protest the social impacts of the dam’s development had not been addressed.
The government plans to fill the dam on Aug. 1
Advocacy team member Rizky Ramdani said all complaints had been received by a verification team from the West Java Development Finance Comptroller (BPKP). However, the complaints had not been settled.
“The complaints have been divided into six categories,” said Rizky in Bandung on Wednesday.
As many as 407 complaints concern compensation, in which the amounts paid from 1982 to 1986 were said to be less than that agreed upon with the government. Seven complaints are related to errors in beneficiaries or people who should have received payment and compensation.
As many as 5,687 complainants said there were mistakes in land measurements, while 2,024 people complained of errors in classification for both during land clearing and compensation.
As many as 3,646 people claimed they had not received compensation and 348 people claimed their land would be affected if the government filled the dam.
The government has been planning the development of Jatigede Dam since 1960. In the 1980s, the government expanded its plan by adding a hydropower plant to the dam’s master plan.
Construction activities began only after the government and Chinese firm Sinohydro Coop. Ltd signed a Rp 2 trillion (US$150 million) work agreement in the 2000s.
The dam project covers 26 villages in five districts in Sumedang regency. Eight of the 26 villages will be submerged.
The administration of Jatibungur village in Darmaraja district, Sumedang regency, has recorded and collected complaints of residents. It found that 726 complaints had not been settled by the government.
Jatibungur village head Sahya Sukarya Saputra said most of the complaints concerned errors in the measurement of land belonging to Jatibungur villagers that affected the amount of compensation they received. (ebf)(+++)
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