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INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE OF PEOPLES’ STRUGGLE (ILPS) INDONESIAN CHAPTER Call for solidarity for the struggle of venezuelans to defends their nation’s sovereignty And strongly condemn the intervention of the government of the united state imperialism!

We are the International League of Peoples’ Struggle (ILPS) Indonesia Chapter; strongly condemn the intervention of the United State (US) Imperialists for the instigated coup in Venezuela by a small group of soldiers on their move last January 21, 2019 to remove Maduro government who was democratically elected. The interference of the US, that being supported by the other Imperialist governments in Europe and its other puppet government in Latin America has been clearly shown by pushed Juan Guaido, the US puppet that declared himself as interim president.  
The US imperialist support for Juan Guido and a small military group of Venezuela that were trained by the US is a way to push through to takeover of power in Venezuela that since President Hugo Chavez to Nicholas Maduro were courageously defended the sovereignty of their nation. These efforts of the US imperialist are not the first time in Venezuela and continuously faced the failures because that it is not supported by the majority of the people. Previously, they were staged a coup over the government of Hugo Chavez that was against the US dominations and intervention against the people of Venezuela, South America, and other oppressed nations. 
The US interference to Venezuela cannot be separated from the crisis of the Imperialist itself and the struggle of Venezuelans those who want to defend the sovereignty of their nation. Through its puppet president Juan Guaido, the US wants to fully control the oil reserves of Venezuela, that reached more than 300,878 millions of barrels, and even bigger than those of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Russia.  The main goals and interest of the US Imperialist then unmasked after when its puppet president Guaido stated his plan to de-nationalize Citgo, the state petroleum firm, in order the be easily controlled by foreigners, especially the United States. 
We are also strongly condemn the US Imperialist efforts with its puppet of bourgeoisie compradors in Venezuela who had carried out a lot of economy sabotage that caused suffered against the people of Venezuela. They are also used the trickery tricks of hunger, pooverty, and criminalizations that increas are the result of the undemocratic policies of Maduro and Chavez against the majority of Venezuelan’s people. It is the same way was carried out by the United Kingdom Imperialism through the Bank of England that refuse to hand over the USD 1.2B worth of Venezuela.
The Interference and the interventions of the United States in Venezuela must absolutely be opposed by the governments of the countries those who declared themselves to refuse the interference and intervention of the sovereignty of a country in any name. The Government of Indonesian should have expressed strong condemnation and rejection of the ways in which the United States intervened in Venezuela and other nations which had suffered, including: Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen, Sudan and other more. The Indonesian government must also show its attitude by ending treaties and treacherous cooperation with the United States which has made the Indonesian people suffer and lose the sovereignty of the nation.
For the situation and circumstances that have been explained, we the International League of People Struggles (ILPS) Indonesian chapter states:
  1. Strongly condemn the US imperialist interference with the sovereignty of Venezuela through its support for the (failed) coup by a small anti-people military group and "the interim president" Juan Guido who is a trusted puppet of US imperialism!
  2. Stop all forms of US imperialist interference with the Venezuelan nation that maintains the sovereignty of their nation, and stop all US imperialist intervention in the whole nations and people of various countries who are defend their sovereignty!
  3. Urge the Indonesian government to strongly condemn all forms of supports and interference from the United States and its allied governments towards the sovereignty of the Venezuelan nation; and stop all treasonous cooperation and treaties with the United States that have proven to rob the homeland and seize the sovereignty of the Indonesian people and make the people suffer caused of their dominance.
  4. Calls on all Indonesian people to conduct solidarity and support for the struggle of the Venezuelan people against intervention and all forms of the US imperialist and allied crimes in destroying the people sovereignty in Venezuela.
We are offer our support for the solid struggle of the Venezuelan people against the intervention and interference of the US imperialists fearlessly and exhausted. As part of the people of the world, the people of Indonesia must be unite and convey the strong support to the Venezuelan people and all oppressed nations in their struggle against all forms of the US imperialist intervention to achieve the national sovereignty and social justice that is free from the domination and oppression of the US imperialism and its puppet regimes in every country.

Stop the US Imperialist Intervention in Venezuela!
It is the Venezuelan people who determine their own fate, not the US imperialists!
Stop Imperialist Sabotage Against the Venezuelan People!
Long Live International Solidarity!

Jakarta, 30 January 2019,

Rudi HB. Daman
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