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The evacuation of women and children victims of the Banten and South Lampung tsunamis continues

Jakarta. The tsunami occurred again in Indonesia. This time it’s sweeping the coastal areas around the sea of Pandeglang, Serang, Banten Province and South Lampung. This tsunami occurred not as a result of an earthquake like what happened few time ago in Palu, Central Sulawesi. But due to the eruption of the Krakatau Mountain in the Sunda Strait that spewed large materials and pushed the sea causing high waves.

Until this news was revealed, victims of the tsunami had reached 420 dead, 1041 injured and 55 people were still declared missing. The number of refugees continues to increase with the high waves which will continue to occur until the end of 2018 (BMKG statement).

Indonesian women's unions (SERUNI) as women's mass organizations also took part in helping and serving victims of the Banten-Lampung tsunami disaster. One of them is by calling nationally to the organization till the branch level to help raise aid in the form of medicines and medical personnel recruitment, food especially for infants and children, baby diapers, blankets, sanitary napkins, decent clothes for adults and children , formula milk, the need for pregnant and lactating mothers, and rice for public kitchen needs.

As part of the Indonesia Bangkit (IB) humanitarian post aid, SERUNI also sent volunteers to the evacuation sites in Anyer sub-district spread over four points, namely in the villages of Bunihara, Mancak, Banjar Sari and Sindang Mandi. Until now the number of refugees has reached 2000 people. In addition to the evacuation of victims, volunteers from Seruni also took part in conducting social investigations on the situation of women and children affected by the tsunami and what kind of donations was specifically needed.

Refugees who are mostly tsunami victims are women, children, and the elderly while being evacuated to residents' houses, public facilities, and refugee tents to avoid high waves that often occur in the area around the coast. Refugees are not only victims of the Banten tsunami, but also people who lived around the coast, the majority of fishermen who are no longer being able to carry out their daily activities for livelihood. 

Efforts to evacuate victims continue to be carried out by Indonesian volunteers rising from various elements of society and national democratic mass organizations, including Seruni. In addition, the Indonesia Bangkit Post aid which was centered on Jalan Mutiara Raya No. 1 kelurahan Jati, kecamatan Pulogadung, East Jakarta also established a public kitchen in an effort to serve the needs of tsunami-affected refugees.

In order to reach closer to the victims of natural disasters, Indonesia Bangkit also open a main service post aid at several points in Banten, including: in the Block O No.95 BMS Perumahan Serang city (behind the Untirta campus) contact person: Ega (+62895349403986) and Abda (+6281293856381), center IB services in Anyer sub-district, Serang district, address at the refugee camp in Kampong Mulia Ulum, Cikoneng village, Anyer sub-district, contact person: Muhib (+6287873054662) and IB service in Sumur sub-district, Pandeglang district with the address Kampong Garung, Cigarondong village, Sumur District, contact person: Jumri/Kipli (+6285899859028).

Donations can be given through the nearest posts aid in your city and also can be given through bank transferred to the BRI (Bank Rakyat Indonesia) number 0368-0100-0923-303 branch of Rawamangun, swift code BRINIDJA on behalf of Aliansi Gerakan Reforma Agraria (AGRA), confirmation: Widianto Satria Nugraha (+62813-1683-6857) or account number CIMB NIAGA 705378752400 branches of ARION, swift code BNIAIDJA on behalf of Serikat Perempuan Indonesia (SERUNI), confirmation: Rahma Sansuwardi (+62813-1334-2386).
Together let's build solidarity, to help restore the victims of the Banten-Lampung tsunami disaster. Save, protect and serve the victims!

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