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COP26 Glasgow: Biofuel is the False Solution for Global Warming and Climate Change!

From Grassroots Resistance towards Revolutionary Reconstruction: Visions from the Ground of the World We Want to Create

Workshop dalam KTT Rakyat untuk Keadilan Iklim

9 November 2021
14:00 UTC, Teater Film Glasgow, Layar 2 (Sesi Fisik)

Raising of the earth temperature is real. Global climate change and in Indonesia is so real too. The disaster of hunger because drought and floods, peasant failed to plant and harvest really occurred everywhere in Indonesia. It is countless of victims because deadly floods due to landslides, floods with massive mud and big logs destroy houses and agriculture area. These are consequences of land and nature degradation.
We, as the national democratic movement of Indonesia cannot hide our anger after the speech of President Jokowi in the opening session of COP-26 and the seminar of the World Leader Summit COP-26 on Forest and Land Use. The crisis of nature that continue to worst and urgent, after it’s propagated massively by imperialist and government of Indonesia themselves about global warming and climate change, Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) of President Joko Widodo is not only anti-people, anti-peasant and national minorities, but also anti-environment itself. Under the guise of environmental protection and improve people’s prosperity, all of the achievement delivered by Jokowi is only to strengthen imperialist domination of economic, politic, and military in Indonesia.
The data of reduction of degradation and forest fire up to 80% can be easily understood because of the temporary Moratorium of Expansion of Palm Oil Plantation since September 2018 until September 2021 in order to keep the statistic for the NDCs. Until today, there is no statement on effectiveness of the moratorium because in reality most of the CPO Fund accumulated by the government of Joko Widodo amounted to 50 dollar per kilogram of exported Crude Palm Oil (CPO) and 30 dollar per kilogram for exported kernel. It is used for “replanting” of palm oil plantation. The palm oil plantation is so aggressive and tricky to grab the land of people and extent their plantation including promote financial support for peasant to plant the palm. The promotion targets individual peasants both already planted and not planted small palm plantation as “partner” of big plantations.
The Moratorium on Palm Oil Plantation Expansion just ended one month before the departure of President Jokowi to Glasgow. This moratorium is really just for the purpose of COP-26. It can be seen from the Jokowi’s speech stated that Biofuel from palm oil as one of achievement in addressing global warming and climate change in Indonesia. The government claims that biofuel can reduce up to 20% of carbon monoxide emission and 50% of hydrocarbon emission.
Nowadays, Indonesia already produced 24,7 million kiloliters of B30 (Biodiesel 30%) from combined 30% of Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAME) CPO with diesel oil standard by the national oil company, Pertamina. That big production already delivered profit amounted to 20,4 billion dollars in six months. People of Indonesia have to pay 20% more than price of gasoline. Raw materials acquired from all of big landlords of Indonesia mainly Golden Agri Resources of Sinar Mas Group which formally controlled 600,000 hectares of the harvest area of palm oil plantation besides their land bank. The government of Indonesia is ambitiously testing the 100% biodiesel or D100.
Indonesia’s ambition is to produce biofuel 100% if the extensification of palm oil can reach 17 million hectares in 2030 from 11 million hectares of the harvest palm oil plantation existed. Indonesia supplied to more than half of the global CPO market and produced 80% of exported CPO together with Malaysia.
Since 1980s, the development of palm oil plantation already caused suffering of Indonesian people especially peasants. The government attention to food agriculture of rice and soy bean, cattle and fishing are neglected due to big foreign exchange for palm oil which only equivalent to mineral and oil mining that is fully controlled by imperialist. The government of Suharto with the World Bank forcedly move the peasants from Java, Bali and Lombok in order to support expansion of large-scale palm oil plantations owned by big landlords in Indonesia. Since then, the forest of Sumatera, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Papua turned into the current condition.
Bridging of biofuel to the big plan of handling the global warming and climate change surely get strong resistance from peasants including national minorities of Dayak in Kalimantan, Orang Rimba in Sumatera and others from whole regions of Indonesia who become victims of land grabbing by big palm oil plantations. There were so many peasants and peasant-labor who became victims of gig mammal in Sumatera and Kalimantan such as elephant, Sumateran tiger, and orangutan while working in the big palm plantation as well as in their small palm plantation.
A week before the President Joko Widodo deliver the NDCs in COP-26 Glasgow, Scotland, he inaugurated the biggest biofuel mill in the eastern of Indonesia owned by Haji Isam of Johnlin Agro Raya which Amran Sulaiman, former of Agricultural Ministry as the president commissioner. In 2020, this big landlord criminalized journalist of Banjarhit and Mongabay Diantara Putra Semedi because publishing the forced displacement of three villages, Kamboyan, Batulasung and Mangkirana in Kota Baru, South Kalimantan province for the development of palm oil plantation owned by Johnlin Group. This group is responsible on the destruction of forest in Papua due to brutal expansion of big palm oil plantation together with Golden Agri resources of Sinar Mas and other big landlords. Johnlin Group is a big coal mining company in the center of coal mining area of Batu Licin, South Kalimantan.
Until today, the peasant’s struggle for right to land due to massive expansion of big palm plantation become a daily meal of peasants in Sumatera, Kalimantan, Sulawesi to Papua. So, what is the actual purpose of the imperialist and their accomplishes in massive propaganda on global warming and climate change especially in Indonesia? Their actions in Indonesia are totally contradict and inequivalent with the real threats and dangers of global warming and climate change itself.
Imperialism has long deceived and fooled the Indonesian nation and people with the issue of global warming and climate change and will continue to support the financing of oil palm plantations in various ways. It also continues to finance international watchdog organizations to involve directly in discussing policies and instruments so that the practice of oil palm plantations and their products meet the criteria for sustainable development, and can freely supply cheap raw materials, including to the imperialists.
The issue of global warming and climate change in the hands of the Indonesian government is an instrument of sustainable land grabbing belonging to poor peasants and national minorities who depend on forests for their livelihood and carry out production in swamp and peat areas of Sumatra, Kalimantan and Papua. Millions of people have been evicted from their arable lands, from their ancestral lands for large-scale of oil palm plantations under the guise of conservation areas. Statement of government at the same time, especially the Ministry of Forestry and Environment, through its minister Siti Nurbaya said that the issue of "deforestation is a false logic". According to hem, the government will continue to develop even if it has to sacrifice the forest.
For imperialists, the issue of global warming and climate change in Indonesia is only an issue to win the competition between imperialist countries and maintain their dominance over the semi-colonial system in Indonesia and even the whole world. This issue has worked to isolate and even subdue the class struggle in various countries, subordinated to environmental issues, the class struggle that seeks to defeat the imperialist domination of the United States and its allies. This issue has worked effectively side by side with the issue of Terrorism.
In the end, we in Indonesia realized that imperialism was only pretending to be afraid of the issue of global warming, as was the case with the Indonesian government. "Global Warming" which they fear is warming the world due to the class struggle continues to rage in every country against imperialism and its accomplices and the world-wide class struggle to destroy imperialism. Imperialism is very anti "global warming". Imperialism and accomplices are not afraid of the climate change that is being discussed at COP-26. The climate change that is actually prevented and feared by imperialists and their accomplices is the emerge of a new world order without the domination of imperialism. The birth of an alternative system that is more just and friendly to nature. "Climate change" will try to be suppressed in various ways until now. The ridiculous thing is that we are actually trying to be mobilized to end the class struggle and our goal in preserving a healthy earth for humans, which can only be done together with genuine international solidarity if imperialism is destroyed.

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