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Political statement on the announcement of the Election Result in Indonesia

Political Statement of
Front Perjuangan Rakyat (FPR)
To the Announcement of the Election Result and the Fascist Oppression of Joko Widodo's Government
Pemilihan umum or the General Elections in Indonesia have become a once-five-year political scrambling of power routines heralded by the ruling classes, as a way for the better of peaceful change for people of Indonesia. The history of elections in Indonesia has occurred 12 times, but in reality the fates of the majority of the Indonesian people continue to deteriorates, civil liberties are increasingly suppressed and people's welfare is increasingly far from expectations. The election that is held up to bring better changes to the fates of the majority of the people is the most superstition political and the mass and great HOAX that continues to be cared for by the ruling classes in Indonesia.
The voices of Indonesian people has been the political exploitation target by justifying all means by the ruling classes, through the most abusive practices of money politics, oppression, intimidation, splits, fraud without blatantly, so that the hopes of the people always run aground and in vain. That was the case for the majority of Indonesians in this currently election 2019.
KPU/The General Election Commission is Not Competent, Unprofessional and Not Worth to be Trusted!
The Wins of Joko Widodo and Ma'ruf Amin Does Not Represent the Majority of the Indonesian People!
In the midst of the most futile hopes of the majority of Indonesian people, the KPU and all supporting institutions for the implementation of the 2019 General Election have been very unprofessional, incompetent, full of fraud, even became killing machines and mass torture for officers and lower-ranking government officials who are forced extra hard work without adequate preparation. As a result, 527 people consisting of electoral officers, election supervisors and lower-level police officers died in the most useless way, along with 11,239 officers who got sickness and had to get intensive treatment at the hospital.
The people's suffering over those mass death is not finished yet, the KPU and the government of Joko Widodo, without conducting an independent and comprehensive investigation as a form of political responsibilities to the Indonesian people, precisely made a policy that greatly demeaned the Indonesian people by giving very cheap prices for dead lives in vain with compensation of Rp.36 million / life. All of the attitudes and actions of the KPU and the Government of Joko Widodo show an attitude that is unprofessional, incompetent and not worthy of being trusted as the mandate of the voices of the Indonesian people.
The KPU along with all supporting institutions and apparatus for the implementation of the 2019 Election under the Government of Joko Widodo also do not have the capacity to carry out the responsibility of holding elections professionally, fairly, honestly and reliably for the people of Indonesia. So it is not surprising that the majority of the Indonesian people reject the election and the results have been announced by the KPU, because it is full of fraud and has no legitimacy. Mass protests from the Indonesian people occurred in almost all cities and islands in Indonesia that voiced the rejection to the results of the election because of fraud, lacked integrity and had no legitimacy.
For example in Jayapura City, from the sub-district to the district level there was no process of ratifying the vote count results, but the results of the data were still sent to the Central KPU. Likewise, what happened in Piniai and Intan Jaya Districts, the Papua Province which the election process was generally rejected by the Election Supervisory Body, but the results of the election data were still used.
The KPU announced the results of the presidential election vote on the morning of May 21, which stated that Joko Widodo-Ma'ruf Amin's pair was won ahead of pair Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno. The pair of Joko Widodo-Ma'ruf Amin won 85,607,362 votes (55.50% or 44.39% of the total DPT/ votes) and Prabowo-Sandiaga Uno won 68,650,239 (44.50% or 35.60% of the total DPT). While 38,570,919 (20%) of the people's votes did not elect both because they did not believe in the election and / or did not believe in the two existing pairs of presidents and vice presidents candidates. With a total number of DPT (Permanent Voters List) of 192,828,520 people, and the potential of the Indonesian people who are not registered in the DPT due to various circumstances reaching 31 million, then at least with a definite figure of 55.60% of votes or the number of Prabowo-Uno 35.60% + 20% golput/doesn’t vote, they are the majority of voters who do not agree with Joko Widodo and his work program for past 4 years that have been running and the next five years.
The Front Perjuangan Rakyat (FPR) as a broad democratic alliance of independent Indonesian mass organizations, originating from mass organizations of workers, peasants, women, youth, students, and migrant workers standing together with the majority of the Indonesian people, expressed their disbelief in the Government of Joko Widodo, because for 4 years has failed to bring prosperity and justice for the majority of the Indonesian people. The general failure during the five-year period of the government of Joko Widodo directly will also bring failure to the work program of the Government of Joko Widodo in the next five years. The majority of the Indonesian people will certainly fight and reduce the political power of Joko Widodo as a regime that is bound to fail and is not needed by the majority of the Indonesian people. 
Against and Stop the Fascist Policies of Joko Widodo's Government now!
During the series of elections, political oppression to mobilize the vote support, the period of vote counting and the announcement of the election results, there have been many political suppression and fraud committed by the KPU and the Government of Joko Widodo by justifying any means to win the presidential and vice-presidential election.
The fascist oppression carried out by the Government of Joko Widodo through the ranks of the ministry, police and military apparatus have taken place and have continued since mass protests on May 21-22 to the present. The mass protest movement that was initially peaceful then got political provocation and political engineering till the violence broke out in Jakarta and various cities in Indonesia, caused the causalities of the people and increasingly benefited the ruling government, because it gained legitimacy in carrying out wider fascist politics over the name of national security by breaking civil liberties in general and taking advantage by isolating their political rivals.
The fascist oppression of Joko Widodo’ government is in the form of a series of pressures on freedom of thought, assembly and voice; the arrest of several people who disagreed with the government policies of Joko Widodo on charges of treason, subversion, the spread of hatred, HOAX; shootings and torture of people who cheated on May 22 in Jakarta which resulted in 8 people being killed, 757 seriously injured, and hundreds of people being arrested by police in various other cities, blockades and prohibitions of people conducting peaceful demonstrations; eradication of people's freedom to obtain independent information by crippling internet access and social media which clearly violates the state constitution of the 1945 Constitution article 28 f.
All of the oppressions carried out by the Government of Joko Widodo and the ranks of the state apparatus under his authority, have clearly carried out fascist political oppression which has divided civil liberties and must be opposed by all Indonesian people.
Based on these circumstances, Front Perjuangan Rakyat (FPR) stated the following manners and urgent demands:
1.      The FPR stands and acts together with the majority of the Indonesian people who politically have shown an attitude of refusing to choose Joko Widodo's pair because of the failure of the Jokowi Government to bring prosperity, justice and progress to the people of Indonesia.
2.      The FPR considers that the KPU and the Government of Joko Widodo are incompetent, unprofessional and cannot be trusted in holding fair and honest legislative and presidential elections, so that they caused many casualties and fraud which makes the results of legislative elections and presidential elections have no legitimacy and get rejection of the Indonesian people.
3.      The FPR also considered that national political developments had demonstrated the true fascist character of the Government of Joko Widodo by suppressing the general aspirations of the Indonesian people and suppressing civil liberties for the benefit of the ruling Joko Widodo.
Upon the conclusion of the situation, the FPR demanding:
1.  Stop all fascist political oppression carried out by the Jokowi Government through its apparatus of power through its divisive politics, arrests, intimidation, shootings, terror, blockade of mobilization and mass protests, inhibition of access to internet and social media networks, all of which increasingly shown the fear of the Government of Joko Widodo over protests and widespread resistances from the masses of the Indonesian people for all the fraud that had been committed.
2.    Unconditionally release all people those who arrested and detained on charges of treason, subversive, including those who protested against fraudulent elections in various cities in Indonesia.
3.    The FPR demanding the political responsibility of President Joko Widodo over his fascist oppression that resulting in casualties and mass arrests in the popular protest movements that sued fraudulent elections in Jakarta and various cities in Indonesia.
4.    The FPR demanded that the government be held responsible for the deaths of hundreds of election officers and lower level police officers during the election by forming an independent team to conduct investigations independently and thoroughly and report it to the Indonesian people.

General Call:
The FPR calls on the Indonesian people to fight against all forms of suppression against the civil liberties of the Indonesian people in general as a mirror of the fascist policies currently being carried out by the Government of Joko Widodo by holding mass protests and campaigns in Government centers until all demands are met.
We convey these manners, demands, and appeal as a form of Indonesian people's resistance to the development of the national political situation, fraudulent election results and oppression of the fascist government of Joko Widodo-Jusuf Kalla.

Jakarta, May 28, 2019

Front of People Struggle (FPR)

Rudi HB Daman

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